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Intel HEX Record Types 00-05

IHEX_TYPE_00  Data Record
IHEX_TYPE_01  End of File Record
IHEX_TYPE_02  Extended Segment Address Record
IHEX_TYPE_03  Start Segment Address Record
IHEX_TYPE_04  Extended Linear Address Record
IHEX_TYPE_05  Start Linear Address Record

Definition at line 52 of file ihex.h.

      IHEX_TYPE_00 = 0, /**< Data Record */
      IHEX_TYPE_01, /**< End of File Record */
      IHEX_TYPE_02, /**< Extended Segment Address Record */
      IHEX_TYPE_03, /**< Start Segment Address Record */
      IHEX_TYPE_04, /**< Extended Linear Address Record */
      IHEX_TYPE_05, /**< Start Linear Address Record */

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