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void Print_IHexRecord ( const IHexRecord  ihexRecord  ) 

Prints the contents of an Intel HEX record structure to stdout. The record dump consists of the type, address, entire data array, and checksum fields of the record.

ihexRecord The Intel HEX record structure that will be printed to stdout.
Always returns IHEX_OK (success).
Return values:
IHEX_OK on success.

Definition at line 129 of file ihex.c.

References _IHexRecord::address, _IHexRecord::data, and _IHexRecord::dataLen.

      int i;
//    printf("Intel Hex Record Type: %d\n", ihexRecord.type);
      printf("Intel Hex Record Address: 0x%2.4X\n", ihexRecord.address);
      printf("Intel Hex Record Data: {");
      for (i = 0; i < ihexRecord.dataLen; i++) {
            printf("0x%02X, ", ihexRecord.data[i]);
//    printf("Intel Hex Record Checksum: 0x%2.2X\n", ihexRecord.checksum);

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